How to draw perfect curved line in photoshop

Getting used to how to draw perfect curved lines in Photoshop is a lot beneficial. In general curved lines are the ones that change their direction after a certain period. Thus, creating curved lines in photoshop can be a bit tricky. So, you should check out our mentioning tricks.

Thus, you could follow the method that suits your workflow better. With these tricks, you would get proper curved lines that work great in all the places. The best part of curved lines is that it’s versatile and let you create unique shapes and selection in Photoshop.

Let’s get into the tutorials to create curved lines in Photoshop.

What is curved line in photoshop

In general, the curved lines change direction instead of going straight. When it comes to curved lines in Photoshop, we use either a pen tool or a curvature pen tool. On the other hand, you have the option to create straight lines using Photoshop line tools. Thus, afterward, you could use other tools to bend the straight lines.

To create a curved line in Photoshop, you could use any of the mentioned tools. We will go over all the steps to create curved lines in Photoshop. For your information, it’s a lot easier to create lines in Photoshop.


How to draw curved line in photoshop?

Right now, we will explore how to draw curved lines in Photoshop. As I have mentioned, drawing curved lines in Photoshop is possible with either a pen tool or a curvature pen tool. Let’s get into the steps to create curved lines in Photoshop using both of the tools.

Using Pen tool

Step 1: Open photoshop and create a new document


Step 2: Afterward, go into the tool panel and select the pen tool. The shortcut for the pen tool is “P” on the keyboard.


Step 3: Now you have the pen tool on the mouse, click on a point and drag the mouse at the downside. It will create a stringent light from top to bottom. The line will consist of a center point and two handles


Step 4: Press Alt on the keyboard and click on the line’s lower point(handle). While clicking on the lower point, drag your mouse to the upward direction. It will help you to curve the line in the following direction.


Step 5: Afterword, click on the other end and drag the mouse downward. It would create a curved line. Using the following technique, you could create curved lines going up to down.

Note: If you want to create a curved line that curves only at one side, follow our guide. Once you create the first curve, press Alt and click and drag the second lower handle and move it upward. Keep applying the trick for the rest of the curve to get same-sided curved lines


Using Curvature Pen tool

Step 1: First, select the curvature line tool. It’s located at the pen tool submenu.


Step 2: Afterward, click on the starting point of the curve


Step 3: Then imagine the top of the curve and click on that point. The curvature line tool will alight the curve accordingly


Step 4: At the end, imagine the last point of the curve and click that point. And it will create the arc. Thus, you have created a curved line with 3 points.

Note: If you want to make any points sharp, press Alt and click on that point.


Using Line Tool

You have the option to create curved lines using line tools as well. It’s one of the easiest ways to create curved lines. It would take you a lot fewer steps to complete. Let’s take you into these steps right now.

Step 1: Select the line tool in Photoshop. You could press Shift + U continuously to get the line tool.


Step 2: Once you have the line tool, press on a single point and begin dragging to create a line.

Note: You could press Shift while pressing on the other end of the line to create a straight line.




Step 3: Afterward, click on the converted paint tool from the tool panel. You can find out the convert pen tool at the pen tool submenu.


Step 4: Once you have got the converted paint tool, click on the line’s starting point and drag it to the direction you want to curve the line. In the same way, you could click on the other point of the line to customize the curved line.

Note: To make the following line straighter, click on both line points while selecting the converted paint tool.


Step 4: Once you have got the converted paint tool, click on the line’s starting point and drag it to the direction you want to curve the line. In the same way, you could click on the other point of the line to customize the curved line.

Note: To make the following line straighter, click on both line points while selecting the converted paint tool.

Using Brush Tool

You could draw curved lines using a brush tool in Photoshop. If you have a drawing tablet, creating curved lines would be a lot easier. Check out the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Click on the brush tool from the Photoshop tool menu.


Step 2: Customize the brush type, size, softness, and other parameters


Step 3: Now, click on any point to start creating curved lines. Change your mouse flow direction to create curves.


How to Select the Curved Lines in Photoshop

Once you have created the curved line, you might want to select a particular line. To do so, you only have to hover the mouse over the line you want to select. If it looks good, right-click on the line. Afterworld, you will get a menu appearing. From the menu, select “Make Selection.” It would select according to the curved lines.

To deselect the curved line area, press Ctrl + D., And your select area would get deselected. And you get to keep working on other things on Photoshop


How to Change the Fill color of the Curved Lines

If you want to change the fill color and stroke color of the curved line in Photoshop, check out the following method. Converting lines into “shape” would let you apply fill and strokes. Thus, customizing the following area would become a lot easier for you.

Step 1: Make sure you have selected the pen tool.


Step 2: Afterward, you need to select the layer which contains the line from the layers panel.


Step 3: Once you select the layer, go to the top layer and select the “Shape” from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: After choosing the shape option, the top bar will show you the options to select the fill and store of the line you have created.
Note: Further, the top bar lets you change the stroke profile of the line as well.


FAQ On Drawing Perfect Curved Line In Photoshop

If you have any questions regarding drawing a perfect curved line in Photoshop, you should go into the below-mentioned questions. Let’s get into these questions.

How To Smooth Lines In Photoshop?

If you want to smooth outlines, you could change the smoothness value on Photoshop. While creating curved lines using the Brush tool, you could set value for smoothness. Make sure you don’t make the smoothness value 100% as it would avoid you creating curved lines at all.

How To Draw A Freehand Line In Photoshop?

You could use the Pencil tool to create a freehand line in Photoshop. It’s a great tool to create freehand lines in Photoshop. You could select the pencil tool from the toolbar of Photoshop. Or you could use a shortcut, which is “N” on the keyboard for the pencil tool.


How To Draw Curved Arrows In Photoshop?

Creating curved arrows is a lot easier in Photoshop. You could draw it with the line tool and the Free transform tool within Photoshop. After activating the free transform tool, you could use the wrap tool to bend the line with an arrowhead. Here is the step by step guide on how to draw straight lines in photoshop 


In short, creating curved lines in Photoshop is a lot simpler and straightforward. Our mentioned tools would let you achieve the perfect curved lines, which work great in different fields. Like, you could see curved lines in art and other forms.

It’s evident, and curved lines design is a lot more useful. Learning how to do it in Photoshop is a lot crucial for anyone. So, make sure you have checked out all of the processes as mentioned above. Moreover, try out which one works best for you. It would be worth your time.