Clipping Photo Experts Pricing

Get up to 25-35% Offer On Bulk Images


  • Basic Clipping Path Service
  • $0.29/Image
  • Basic Category Clipping Path $0.29/Images
  • Simple Category Clipping Path $0.39/Images
  • Medium Category Clipping Path $0.89/Images
  • Complex Category Clipping Path $4.99

  • Background Removal
  • $0.29/Image
  • Basic Category Background Removal $0.29/Images
  • Simple Category Background Removal $0.39/Images
  • Medium Category Background Removal $0.89/Images
  • Complex Category Background Removal $4.99

  • Multi - path Service
  • $0.59/Image
  • Basic Category Multipath Service $0.59/Images
  • Simple Category Multipath Service $0.89/Images
  • Medium Category Multipath Service $1.89/Images
  • Complex Category Multipath Service $4.39

  • Photo Retouching
  • $0.59/Image
  • Basic Category Photo Retouching $0.59/Images
  • Simple Category Photo Retouching $0.79/Images
  • Medium Category Photo Retouching $2.99/Images
  • Complex Category Photo Retouching $3.99/Images

  • Image Masking Services
  • $0.49/Image
  • Basic Category Image Masking $0.49/Images
  • Simple Category Image Masking $0.79/Images
  • Medium Category Image Masking $1.39/Images
  • Complex Category Image Masking $4.99/Images

  • Ghost Mannequin Service
  • $0.79/Image
  • Basic Category Ghost Mannequin $0.79/Images
  • Simple Category Ghost Mannequin $0.99/Images
  • Medium Category Ghost Mannequin $1.99/Images
  • Complex Category Ghost Mannequin $3.99/Images

  • Drop Shadow Photoshop
  • $0.49/Image
  • Basic Category Drop Shadow $0.49/Images
  • Simple Category Drop Shadow $0.69/Images
  • Medium Category Drop Shadow $0.99/Images
  • Complex Category Drop Shadow $1.99/Images

  • Color Variants Service
  • $0.49/Image
  • Basic Category Color Variants $0.49/Images
  • Simple Category Color Variants $0.79/Images
  • Medium Category Color Variants $0.99/Images
  • Complex Category Color Variants $3.99/Images

  • Raster to vector service
  • $0.89/Image
  • Basic Category Raster to vector $0.89/Images
  • Simple Category Raster to vector $1.39/Images
  • Medium Category Raster to vector $4.89/Images
  • Complex Category Raster to vector $8.39/Images

  • Jewelry Photo Editing
  • $0.59/Image
  • Basic Category Jewelry Editing $0.59/Images
  • Simple Category Jewelry Editing $0.79/Images
  • Medium Category Jewelry Editing $0.99/Images
  • Complex Category Jewelry Editing $3.39/Images

  • Product Photo Editing
  • $0.39/Image
  • Basic Category Product Editing $0.39/Images
  • Simple Category Product Editing $0.69/Images
  • Medium Category Product Editing $0.99/Images
  • Complex Category Product Editing $4.99/Images

  • Car Photo Editing Service
  • $0.49/Image
  • Basic Category Car Photo Editing $0.39/Images
  • Simple Category Car Photo Editing $0.69/Images
  • Medium Category Car Photo Editing $1.40/Images
  • Complex Category Car Photo Editing $3.39/Images


How many images can we do product photo editing in a day?

We have strong and Hard Clipping path workers. They are Highly experts and dedicated to their work. We can deliver 2200 images hand draw clipping path without concern

Which types of business need to this service

Clipping path service is the most important for e-commerce business owners or photographers. Product photo editing is used online and ecommerce stores. It is important for many services like Professional Photographers, ads agencies, eCommerce businesses, Online retail stores, retail company and so on.

Do you have free trial facilities?

Of course, always we do offer free trial facilities up to 2 /3 images so that you can judge our service quality before taking your final decision. Please send me your images this email

Which image formats do you accept?

Over the past 12 years, we have developed our skill to work with various image formats. Here is a few types of images formats such as psd, ai, eps, jpeg/jpg, png, gif, svg, cr2, tiff and pdf.

How can I upload my photos file?

You can upload your files using our absolutely secured ftp or you can use third-party file transfer protocol like dropbox, we transfer, one drive and google drive.

Do you safe my images?

Yes, 100% without doubt. It is a paid file transferring protocol that is highly secured. We know the value of your images and we are committed to receive your files with highest security and confidentiality.

How do I know my images are ready to download?

You will be notified when images are on our server and ready for you to download. We send you a secure dropbox wetransfer and google drive link.

Can I pay weekly / monthly?

Yes, if you wish, then you also can. Those of our customers, who need our service frequently, they’ve got the alternative to pay weekly or monthly. If you satisfied our work you can send your payment any time. Basically, we accept payments weekly and monthly.

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